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Dyntrace SaaS- one agent - Security Gateway servers - How much FS is required each path?

Hi Team,

Could you please recommend, how much space is required if I build new security gateway servers for Dynatrace Saas One agent.

Eg : I am connecting 250 agents into Security gateway servers.

I need, Recommended space for each path?


LinuxWindowsinstallation folder/opt/dynatrace/gateway/log folder/var/log/dynatrace/gateway/config folder/var/lib/dynatrace/gateway/configtemporary folder/var/tmp/dynatrace/gateway



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

All the security gateway is really doing is bundling up the connections from all of the OneAgents and acting as a proxy to the Dynatrace Server. The recommendations don't specify any specific requirements for space and I'm thinking it really only needs enough space for the installation and some logging. I can't define what reasonable is but it shouldn't need a lot of space and I would just make an estimate given the size of the install. I wouldn't hold up deployment waiting for a specific recommendation, but if you do not get a response here feel free to check with support who may be able to provide a good number. I'll check if anyone I work with has an idea.



Given that the overall required space for a single Security Gateway which can handle over 2,000 agent connections is 1GB, you should be safe with adding 1GB or more to each partition. Since storage can be fairly cheap, adding a few more GBs never hurts. Adding more storage - lets say 3GB or more to each partition - will allow you to be prepared in the event of new features that require more disk space.

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