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Environment problem: "Database connection alerting limit is reached for the tenant"


Hi all,

Have this alarm but i cant see what databases are causing this impact so how can i go deeper on this problem analysis?


thank you all 🙂



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think that is a custom metric event. I would check which metric key or metric selector is being used.

Best regards

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hi@AntonPineiro from what i have read, in all the metrics we have a limit of 10000 metrics events but i have 2 pre configured metrics for infrastructure as you can see on the image:


how can i extend the allowed database conections to the tenant ? 


Maybe I am wrong but I understand this. You or someone have created a custom metric to be alerted when some database metric is over 2000.

If you find which metric event has triggered that problem, you can see which threshold is used. I think static threshold above 2000. Then, you can increase threshold if that is required.

And then, you can see which metric is in relation with that metric event. And with that, I think you can find which databases have that metric over 2000.

Best regards

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well it makes sense to me... thank you a lot !!! will check and if no, will come here 🙏

have a nice day 

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