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Export data in Dynatrace: how does architecture look like when using cloud


Hello all, 

I am currently creating a quick presentation about whether to use Dynatrace or not. 

I got a couple of points which I couldn't answer. Maybe you can help me with that 🙂

Is it possible to export the data (logs, traces, metrics) from Dynatrace to our own data warehouse? If it is possible, how? 

And additionally, I found a picture of an architecture with using Dynatrace and on-prem infrastructure. 

Is there also a picture of this, but with cloud infrastructure? Basically, how it works, when having the infrastructure in the cloud? How will the data be collected and send? Is there a use of other monitoring-tools? Do we need OneAgent and ActiveGates?

Last but not least, if you want to monitor your cloud environment, how would you do that? I found out about AWS, Azure and Google, but if you have any other cloud?

Hopefully you can help me out 🙂

Thank you in advance, 



Regarding the cloud question (will also include containerization here), the following can be monitored:

1. AWS, 2. Azure, 3. GoogleCloud, 3. VMware cloud on AWS, 4. VMWare Tanzu 5. Kubernetes, 6. RedHat OpenShift, 7. Oracle Cloud, 8. CloundFounrdy, 9. Heroku 10. IBM Cloud Foundry

The Hub can give you the most detailed overview, you can also filter for cloud. It shows you all the extensions which are possible to get any additional needed cloud insights.

Dynatrace Hub | All

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Regarding the export part, I have done it for logs & metrics. Traces will only be possible with Grail.

Now, be prepared to have an enormous amount of information flowing to your data warehouse. You should ask yourself what you are trying to achieve here... Because it's not about the technology of getting this flow operational; it's about what you will have to do with the data in the data warehouse, once it is there.

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I can confirm that most all the data can be exported. But keep in mind thats going to be a lot of data. Ingestion charges could apply depending on your receiving source. 


Dynatrace Managed VS SaaS really only comes down to you hosting the cluster servers and a few extra AGs here and there. The biggest aspect is you hosting the clusters. SaaS provides those clusters and as a result you also dont really need as many AGs in that aspect. 

In terms of items needed to monitor cloud, Dynatrace can be set up in your Cloud provider of choice. AWS or Azure. But if you are multi cloud, it would be best practice to have a set of AGs in each cloud provider and leverage Network Zones. This allows the OneAgents to send their data to the AG in the same cloud space, which would help alleviate number of FW rules. Also it allows the AG to bundle the traffic and compress it prior to sending it to another cloud provider. Thus reducing your overall cost incurred. 


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