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Extend existing apps within Dynatrace.


With the new v3 dynatrace, how can we extend existing dynatrace apps? For example the carbon app is great, but to make it actionable we would want to add some more data and context there. How can we extend that app to better fit our needs? 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

You can ask for Product Ideas. This application seems to be continuously improving :

Or you can create your own to complement the existing one 🙂

Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

Is it possible to get the data thats already in this app and include it in my app?  So i dont have to figure out what ever you are doing for the calculations... but rather get the data as a table and be able to add my own stuff on top of it? Is there an app function i can call for example? Or where is that data stored or read from? Maybe i can just query it myself in my own app.

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