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Failed metric ingestion: Connection refused (Connection refused)


I am trying to send metrics from spring Boot Application deployed in the host where Dynatrace operator and dynatrace One Agent in installed already. But am getting below error.


Started Application ----

"Failed metric ingestion: Connection refused (Connection refused)"
I am trying deploy the application in same namespace and cluster where dynatrace operator and Agent are installed, And am not supplying url and token from my spring boot app since I am trying to deploying in the same host where agent/operator are running . Am I missing something here. Is it because My application is not able to establish a connection with Dynatrace Oneagent/Operator ?
Please help on this

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@GayathriVRadha is that the correct port? 


And beside the port could also check that if the OneAgent metric api is enabled on those hosts since I'm assuming that currently your setup tries to send the data towards oneagent.

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