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Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability 2023 is out

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The new Magic Quadrant from Gartner is out, and no surprise, it's the 13th consecutive year Dynatrace is named a Leader and Positioned Furthest for Vision and Highest in Execution :dynaspin:

I took some minutes to read the report, and it is spot on! We can also learn some quick facts from others, so I would highly recommend downloading your complimentary report at

Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Funny to see the "Caution":

Hey, they have added a lots of new and cool features to their product, enhancing even more the Observability capabilities to your needs... but you will need to learn a bit more.


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl


I know people complaining about same 🤐

❤️ Emacs ❤️ Vim ❤️ Bash ❤️ Perl

It was worse in the AppMon -> Dynatrace transition 🤣

But the details they give are really spot on, and when we see that what they say about us is pretty correct, just read some of the others...

Antonio Sousa

I don't know why people see a problem in learning new things. For me it's a big plus if something changes and you can do something in a completely different, more efficient way 🙂

I always wait for an update on my iPhone and check what has changed etc. xD


Have a nice day!

From the analysis I have read I can confirm the points they are making about Cisco-AppDynamics.

As a bonus the fact that they are mentioning SAP and as a malus the very old way of managing the agent lifecycle (very painful ad limiting if you are coming from a Dynatrace experience)


I didn't quite get if Gartner is also considering the availability of real information useful for implementation (official documentation, help center, community Q&A) but I have to say that in my experience this is also an important factor to consider when you adopt a platform in an enterprise ecosystem: Dynatrace excels also in this, while I have seen other vendors with scarce to no documentation at all. (Example: important fact about SAP monitoring with AppDynamics are distributed between a couple of community threads and official doc, a real nightmare when you need to investigate and understands the how to)

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