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Getting auth error while running keptn commands on windows machine


Hi Team,
I am getting below error while running keptn status command. I have keptn cli version as 0.9.2. We have Keptn SAAS and Dynatrace SAAS.


C:\Keptn>keptn status
* Warning: could not check Keptn server version: This command requires to be authenticated. See "keptn auth" for details
Error: credentials not found in native keychain

Can somebody please help me to fix this error.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@heramb_sawant were you able to solve this issue? if so could you share with the community what you did to correct it?

Looking at the error it appears that the creds are not in the keychain, they the creds are present I would revalidate them to ensure they are correct and test again. 


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