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Having issue to capture custom entry point purepath


After setting up a method as a second custom entry point for different services, I am facing the issue presented on the picture on all the purepath related to that particular method.

However, all purepath of the first method do not show that error.

Best Regards,

Fousseyni B.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Bouare,

This means that the purepath is corrupted, so for some reason Dynatrace was not able to recollect all the information needed to build the purepath. This errors could happen when there are some network problems while recollecting all the information, failures in the agent, too long purepaths...

In this case looks to me that the Purepath could be in a infinite loop, so the Purepath timesout and that is why shows this error. You could try to change the custom entry point.

Can you see the Purepath? Is this too long? Or it has a lot of wait/Sync times?


Hello Rodrigo,

Thank you for your answer.

I can see these purepaths and they are not long and does have wait/sync times.

In fact, I have a batch process made with spring batch.

After scanning the source code, I found the main method (Method A) that does the effective job.

On the other way, I also found the spring batch entry point method (Method B) for all subsequent methods. And I added that one to the entry point list too.

On the purepath related to Method A, there are no such errors as seen in my previous question.

But on the purepath of Method B, those errors appear.

Best Regards,

Fousseyni B.

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