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High availability (HA) for Dynatrace services



Dynatrace HA is mainly divided in to three parts

  1. Hardware failure : we have VMware which takes care for hardware failure.
  2. OS failure: OS failure can be handled through OS clustering between two dynatrace server (Active- Passive).
  3. Dynatrace service failure: I am not sure how will we check that the dynatrace service in Active Node is Up & Running. If it's not running then how the traffic will be diverted to passive node.

Please let me know your inputs for 3rd failure.



Dynatrace is actually built with HA, so if you are running a 3 node cluster and one of the nodes goes down, traffic will be reverted to the other 2 nodes automatically. Data is replicated between these nodes so often that you will not actually lose any data either.

Also, if a node goes down using Dynatrace Managed your environment administrator will receive alerts by default, and alerts can be setup to be sent to other parties as well.

Hope this answers your question!



How can we configure HA for Dynatrace servers? I have two servers in the active & passive mode in window clusters.

  1. Collectors groups helps for HA & load balancing
  2. Collectors are connected server through cluster IP

Questions :

  1. How will cluster monitor the Dynatrace services? How will it direct the traffic to the passive server if the active server services are down?
  2. Passive server services should be running all the time?
  3. How to have the same server configurations for both servers? I have SAN Storage for this...

Request you to help me with this...

Thanks in advance



Hello @Hayden M. , do we have any documentation available on below :

1) How does cluster nodes failover: wha is the mechanism

2) Is there a master node in the cluster?


Himanshu Mor

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