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Hotspot section in Service details page of Dynatrace does not show data?


The hotspots section in DT automatically displays the most important hotspots in the service but we observed that for a few services, we cannot see those details.Can someone share how these hotspots are created and what might be the reason if these are not present?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Rashmi G. we had the same issue. Generally, hot spots are calculated every 50ms-150ms or so. Therefore, if you have requests that are longer than this, then I would expect it to work. However, if you have a short request, then hotspots should not be automatically expected to show. With that said, I do not think that this is the problem.

However, there is a setting that I want you to enable.

Please go to Settings >> Server-side service monitoring >> Deep monitoring >> New OneAgent features > Filter for "Prefer .NET" >> you should see the feature called "Prefer .NET method hotspot information via CLR"

About that setting: "Enable this to use an improved implementation of .NET method hotspot information for applications running on .NET Framework 4.6"
Please enable it
It requires a restart too


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