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How can I separate a web service request from a Service?


We need to separate some web service Requests from the 3 Services and insert it into another service where I can controll what web service Requests are inside it.

We need to do this because we are implementing an API and we need to monitor only specific calls from 3 different Services. If in the API parameters we could choose the web service request by filtering the URLs would be great...

(We don't want to monitor only count of Web Service Requests, we want to monitor timings, count, erros of specific calls inside a Service)

any ideia?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Could you not do this with Key requests and Attributes in the currently existing services? This would allow you to break down which parameters are being use as well as have all these requests put into the base-lining engine

Request attributes does not allow you to separate a request out of the Service. If I do not separate the request, I need to do some filters in the API... which filters are these?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You can't separate "Requests" from it's "Service". If I understand your question correctly, then as @Kyle K. suggests, you should mark those requests as "Key Request" and turn on capturing service request attributes important for you. You can then filter your service requests by those parameters.

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The solution for this was capture the sevice method ID in the URL and add as filter in the API request body, as following..


entity: service_method-xxxXXXxxxXXXxxx



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