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How can we guarantee to capture all transaction with Dynatrace?


A developer complained to me about not being able to trace all the transactions. He wants to analyze a specific request id obtained from the application log table, it happens that he can't find some of the requests. 


As far as I know, Dynatrace does not guarantee to capture all passing requests over a web service. Due to some network traffic rate adaptions, or the sampling is used for the sake of runtime reliability, there may be some missing requests. That's what I can say. Is that right? Could you please provide me a complete technical answer to me and so that I can give a satisfying answer. Are there actions for the administrators to take in order to minimize the missing request ratio? 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The Documentation about Adaptive Traffic Management and Capture Control explains this pretty well.


If you are using Dynatrace Managed have a look at Adaptive Capture Control. You can set a higher value there to capture all PurePath, it will increase the storage and network usage though.


If you are a SaaS customer you'd have to check with your sales rep if this could be increased for you.

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