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How does Dynatrace OneAgent license calculation host units apply to post 16GB?

I see Host Units from this link the license calculation applies for 8GB as 0.5 and from 16 GB it's 1 and 32GB it's 2.. so on.

What about the server running with 18GB of RAM does the 1.5 host unit is applied or it will be 2 host units.. ?


Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

If a host falls between the values (e.g. 18GB as in your example) the number is rounded up. Meaning it will consume 2 HU. Detailed documentation also explaining this behaviour can be found here:

No it odes not. It will consume 2 host units. Fractions are only for < 16 GB. Eg. 8GB takes 0.5 host units. 4GB takes 0.25HU and <2 GB takes 0.1HU

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Above 16GB, it is rounded up. So everything above 16GB becomes 2 HU until 32GB. Above 32GB until 48GB it is 3 HU, etc. This applies for full stack mode.

For infrastructure mode, the 0.3 coefficient applies, but the consumed HU will never cross 1 HU. So for a host in infrastructure mode, you will not consume more than 1 HU.

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please share the details/DOCs along with application/OS name where and how much we applied the Dynatrace for monitoring the HOST unit consumption 

@Kundesaibaba always check the documentation . If you are on classic licensing (host units) see this. If you are on DPS (new licensing model with host gibihours), see this.

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Hi @Julius_Loman 

I think that that definition that you mentioned about consumption for Host units - Full Stack has changed.
As I understand it, the documentation does not mention any rule that rounding up is from 16Gb. 


For that reason, with the documentation, I understand that now in all cases the rounding is upwards (shown in the example)


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@PierreGutierrez no it has not changed. It was always rounded up, (also below 8GB), I just did not specifically mention that in my post as the question was for hosts above 16GB. There is also a tolerance (not sure about the exact limit, but I think there is 500MB above 16GB and a lot less below 16GB), so a host with 16.4GB RAM is still 1HU and 16.5GB becomes 2HU.

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