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How many hosts can I have in one enviroment?


Our customer is planning to expand their enviroment to more than 30.000 hosts and asked what is the best way to have install the agents.

Considering that we have 10 Xlarge Dynatrace nodes that support 3.000 hosts each one and we know that the limitation of dynatrace is 10 nodes.

My question is: if I want more than 30000 hosts to be monitored, what is the best practice for this kind of implementation?(divide by enviroments, add more than 10 Dynatrace Servers, etc)


Caio MR



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Caio,

for environments of that size we would recommend to distribute them across independent Dynatrace clusters. Currently we do not support more than 6 nodes in a single cluster. Individual environments currently should not have more than 10k hosts.

Also for sizing a Dynatrace cluster of that magnitude accurately you need to involve the Dynatrace Services team - sizing depends not only on the number of hosts, but also on the number of service calls, user actions, processes etc.



Hi Guido,

Understood... Is there any documentation that says about service calls, user actions, processes limitations?

I make part of this service team, however I couldn't find any document that we can consult and make some plans.

Thanks for the information.

Caio MR

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