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How should we know the trouble of OneAgent even if the reason was the auto-update?


Recently our customer experienced the auto-update trouble of OneAgent that I posted the below post.

When the trouble occurred, no Problem was generated. Because the trouble began after the OneAgent stopped gracefully for auto-update sequence. The support said that this is expected behavior.

The customer found the trouble when they accessed the Web UI. But they want to know whenever the monitoring stopped by any reason via alert email.

Is there a way to surely notice the unintentional stop of the monitoring?
Does anyone have experience of realizing such a request?
Is the log and/or process monitoring for OneAgent required by another tool?

Noah Kobayashi


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello Noah,

Have a look on the below link for the monitoring interruption.



Hi Babar,

Thank you for your response.

According to the page you mentioned, is the place where we should check.

But the trouble of the auto-update is not exist in the history of the page. And I guess the is covering the SaaS side topics and not covering agent side trouble.

So, I’m still searching the solution.

But anyway, your information is helpful.

Thanks, Noah

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