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How to Troubleshoot VCT Spikes in Dynatrace?


Hi Dynatrace Community,

I've been using Dynatrace for monitoring our web applications, and recently, we've encountered some VCT (Visually Complete Time) spikes. I'm looking for guidance on the most effective and disciplined approach to troubleshoot and resolve these spikes.

Could someone with experience in tackling VCT-related issues please share their insights and best practices? I'm particularly interested in understanding:

Key performance metrics to focus on when investigating VCT spikes.
How to identify correlated metrics that might be influencing VCT.
Steps to analyze application behavior during VCT spikes.
Utilizing Dynatrace AI capabilities for automated anomaly detection.
Collaborating with developers and stakeholders for deeper analysis.
Any specific reports or visualizations that can help in understanding VCT trends?
I believe this community is a great platform for knowledge sharing, and I'm eager to collaborate and learn from your expertise. Any real-life examples or use cases would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to your valuable input. Thank you in advance for your time and support!


Hi @radek_jasinski , thank you for the response.


Hi Sandeep,


Please check the below dashboard, import it into your environment, it should help you with VCT. just replace {environmentid} with guu84124





Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

Hi @islam_zidan , thank you for the response and for sharing the link. However, I am unable to access it says you don't have permission to view this page. Let me know about further proceedings. 


I've attached the dashboard, just change the extension to json and import it into your environment.

Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

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