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How to combine service request attributes?


Good afternoon!
We have learned to define JAVA services by the entry point in a certain group of processes, find the class and methods related to it. Next, for the found service methods, we determine the corresponding attributes.
How can a chart show service data in terms of its attributes?
The fact is that each method with its attribute arrives as a separate request, that is, the attributes are not related to each other in any way and they cannot be combined on the analysis graph. When trying to combine, for example, five attributes, five corresponding methods that are called by five different requests for the same service, only one attribute has a value, and the other four have the value "Missing".
We want to see the following result: The created metric should contain data obtained from the request attributes of the corresponding service methods. For example: "Loan amount(integer)", "Interest rate(string)", "Tariff plan(string)", "Credit period(integer)", "Product(string)".


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Custom services are not required for request attributes to be collected. Custom services should be used when you really need to separate a part of an execution.  Request attributes are bound to the service context and the request.

I don't know your situation in detail, but I'd rethink if custom services are required. If you have another entrypoint (Web request service) which is autodetected, these request attributes will be then automatically part of it.

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Are you creating a separate custom service detection for each method?  Have you tried putting all the methods into a single custom service detection rule?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If my understanding is correct, try using service detection and naming rules to name your services appending the needful detail in name. These services can than be identified by tagging them with the value obtained by using some regex rule.


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