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How to export the report (CSV format) for Dynatrace Fullstack mode?



I will have to export the information on FullStack mode for CSV format, but I don't see how to do it. I can export to CSV format only if I create a report from Data Explorer but I don't see metrics option for Monitoring Mode.

From "Hosts" I successfully created a Dashboard with the information on Fullstack mode and infrastructure mode, but in this mode, I can't export the CSV format. Is it possible to configure the reports or dashboard for exporting the information of my infrastructure and the working mode of OneAgents (Fullstack and infrastructure) configured on my servers?


Other question on this same topic. I am unable to change the Dashboard type when I create from Hosts. Mode only is Honeycomb. Attached the evidence.


Thanks for any help.



I think you should check Dynatrace API to see if your metrics are there. If yes, you can create a script to get information in JSON format, parse it, transform it and export it as CSV.

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Hi f2k9pp9,

you can use API to export the hosts including the monitoring mode, also, you can export the data directly from an excel sheet based on the access to your Dynatrace environment endpoint.




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