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How to extract a set of services from all services in Dynatrace Managed


Hi, I have a requirement where I have to create a dashboard with some metrics but only for the set of some services/API's.

In my environment when i go to services, I could see more than 1.8k services listed but I only want let's say to see the metrics of 100 services.


I've tried one way where you can filter your graph by services and then put the filter by putting the individual services. It's time consuming and not appropriate because even if i clone the tile and when i change the metrics I have to write all of the services individually.


Is there a way to achieve this in more smarter way like creating tags? The only thing which differs these services from others is the app_id tag comes in the XML/JSON request where it sends the value of consumer XYZ. So basically what i want is list of services from a particular consumer say MyPortal.


Let me know if anyone can advice on this


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Shashank, I see you've labelled this post with request attribute. You're on the right lines!


1) Create a request attribute to extract the app_id
2) Create a calculated service metric which tracks your endpoint only for those requests where the app_id request attribute (RA) exists
3) Chart that calculated service metrics on a dashboard




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