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How to know what Problem IDs has Dynatrace merged into a new problem?

We can already know how Davis A.I able to work and correlate (hence, merge multiple problems into one after detected they are merely the different symptoms of same problem instead of different problems) as it is well explained and documented.


However, is there any way we can know the Problem-IDs (before) and Problem-ID (after)?


Use-case is

When there is problem ABC in Dynatrace, there is a script that create a ticket in BMC Remedy (where the ticket contains the details like problem-ID, problem-URL etc etc...). Then when problem ABC is closed in Dynatrace, it would also close the ticket-opened in BMC Remedy.

But then imagine another scenario: BMC Remedy got two ticket opened (one for Problem ABC and another for Problem XYZ), then Dynatrace merge these two problems into one problem called Problem-Alpha. The two BMC Remedy's ticket for ABC and XYZ would never get closed, unless we develop some additional logic in the scripts to do something about it.


And to do something about it, we need to know is there any way (for example, via API or any other hack) we can know the IDs before-and-after merging programmatically, so that we can utilize it in our scripts.


Best Regards,

Wai Keat




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