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How to split "request to unmonitored host" by application ?


Say you have 2 application A and B that are both calling a service S that is NOT monitored with dynatrace.
For A and B you end up in the service flow with a box "request to unmonitored host".
Our goal is to be able to create a dashboard for A and a dashboard for B showing how many calls have been made (and average response time) from A to S and from B to S.
How would you achieve that with dynatrace? 
Creating a custom device for S does not seem to help since you can't really split the measure using a "called from service" criteria.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Arnaud, you can create 2 request attributes (one that captures the call to S for each Service A and B), then just create a custom chart that displays the count of both of these request attributes (probably best as a pie chart or bar chart).




Hi Mark,
I created 2 "request attribute" as you suggested: "calls to S from A" and "calls to S from B".
The definition of those is quite the same: Data type Text, and as a datasource, I chose "WebRequest URL", specified to capture on the client side and add a restriction: only use value if is contains "some part of S URL" (I tested the URL using the preview feature and it seems to work)
The difference between the two RA is the scope of the rule where the host group has been defined according to our A and B application hosts.
Now, when I try to apply a Request Attribute filter in the Transaction and service view, it doesn't yield any result and I don't see anything either if I create an analysis view to chart request count by filtering on the request attribute
I'm probably doing something wrong but I can't figure out what!

By modifying where the attribute is captured and stored and changing from "Capture from the client side of a web request service" to "Capture from both client and server side" I get results when I filter Transaction and Service view with the Request Attribute, so it's kind of a progress…
Howerver, when I try to chart reponse time or request count, I get into another issue. I create an Analysis view, select "Request count" metric and filter with the request attribute I have created for application A and split with that same Request Attribute to have the full url of S. I can get a graph then... but if I click to the "Create metric" button, it says :
"Cannot create a metric : Select a management zone or a topology filter to limit the result"
Obviously there are too many results, and there is to many because splitting is actually done on both calling service AND request attribute (we have lots of services), then I see this "splitting mode" dropdown that allow to choose either "Split by Service" or "Merged Service". Selecting “="Merged Service" is doing exactly what I want here: I have one line per service S URL and those lines represent calls coming only from my application A... Now we just have to create a metric from that right ? So I click the "Create Metric" button... and I get :
"Cannot create a metric : Merge services is not supported for calculated service metrics."
My conclusion is that, as it is right now, Dynatrace can't do what I need it to do and that was so simple to achieve with AppMon : have a chart of outbound calls to external service per application.

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