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I would like to know that how many request are sent by third party ( e.g. Facebook, Google ) which is using my website service using API?


Does Dynatrace is capable enough to collect the information like how many transactions are getting from External server where Dynatrace is not installed ( but Obvious ) to my website where Dynatrace is installed ?



Hello Moinatik,

Yes, you can see the count and response times of requests sent to third party applications. The flow I use is:

  1. Open the Menu Bar on the left-hand side
  2. Go to Transactions & services
  3. Using the filter bar on the left, under Scope and usage, if you have any, click External dependencies
  4. Then, you should be able to find an item called Requests to public networks
  5. Finally, click View requests

From inside this view, you can see the top domains you're reaching out to, their median response times, failures, and throughputs.

I hope this helps!

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