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IBM DB2 Query details not available



We have IIB connected with IBM DB2 which is installed on RHEL server. We could see no host information available for the IBM DB2 server. Also, the database query information is not collected. Even in the traces we don't see the database statements. It is giving statement type as "Default Requests". Any idea how to pull these details?

Ramanan Raghunathan

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi Ram,

I have experienced the same phenomen, the support said:

The reason there are some database instances are not returning the detailed data is that they are being called by ComputeNodes, which are not a supported node type. If we take a look at the calling service, which is an IBM Integration Bus, and select the code tab we can see the DB call comes directly from that ComputeNode.

IIB ComputeNode uses the ESQL, rather than SQL, which we cannot parse.

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Hi Malaik,

Thanks for the clarification. 

Ramanan Raghunathan

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