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If a process isn't the kind of auto-start once server boot up, would server reboot make the auto-discovery works?

After server reboot, all the processes detected in the host are being monitored down to the code-level, this is working fine as expected.

However, after some time, a few more process automatically pop-up there and said they need to be restarted to enable deep-dive monitoring. Anyone understand what's going on? Or my guess (as stated in the title/question of this post) is correct? that, if a service isn't the kind of auto-startup then it wouldn't get detected unless a service app start/restart (instead of server reboot) is initiated?

The customer's environment is a production one and thus, server reboot or app restart is not as easy. So, the fact that some processes still doesn't monitored down to deep-dive level somehow is really....bothering me.



Hi Wai - Dynatrace should be automatically detecting and instrumenting any processes it's able to when they start without requiring additional restarts, regardless of when they're started. If that's not happening, I would suggest opening a ticket with support, which you can do here.

Hi, thanks definitely will do so, but before I open the ticket one thing comes to my mind: What would happen if I only enable the monitoring of a certain technology after the server reboot? Would those process that belongs the that technologies get deep-dive visibility right away? or would pending a restart? You ever encountered this before?

Ah, well in that case, you would need to restart the relevant processes. The instrumentation process always happens on startup. If a particular technology isn't set to be instrumented until after an instance of it has been started, that instance won't be instrumented until it's restarted again since that can only happen at startup.

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