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Information on Dynatrace Licensing cost


Hi Team,


I was going through the pricing details on Dynatrace Pricing page,


There it is written,

1. For full-stack monitoring, it is $69/month for 8 GB per Host, billed annually

---> so for 16 GB it is $138 = $1656 annually 

2. For  infra-only monitoring, $21/month for 8 GB per Host, billed annually


---> so for 16 GB it is $42 = $504 annually


Kindly correct if my understanding is wrong.


Also please let me know if costing can not be a topic of discussion on open community forum. Accordingly I will remove/delete a thread.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes, it's correct. 1 Host Unit is 16GB RAM. Hosts with agents in infrastructure mode consume 0.3x Host Unit ($69*0.3 = $20.7). It's worth to add the infra monitoring is capped at 1 Host Unit for a host. So if you have a host with 512GB RAM, it will still consume 1 Host Unit only ($138 = $1656 annually). The capping is only for hosts in infrastructure mode. There is no capping for hosts in full-stack mode.

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