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Is Dynatrace log analytics storage quota per day?


Yesterday, a colleague of mine has accessed Dynatrace. And he saw the following error when he was trying to download a log file:


When I try the same thing from my Dynatrace user account this morning , I did not anything or error related to the image above.


Help me with some explanation.



Best Regards,

Fouscou B.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Log Monitoring consumption is based on anticipated GiB of annual average log storage size. This is calculated as the average annual daily ingestion of uncompressed log data multiplied by the number of days.

Once this limit is reached, you need to contact Dynatrace Sales to arrange for additional capacity.

More info here:

Hope this helps!




DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

As much as I love Dynatrace, I would recommend if you have Splunk - Stick to using that for logs.

Dynatrace charges for non-optional storage vs when they did allow for local storage. Then they charge you for the metrics you want to pull out of that data on top of it.

Splunk charges you for consumption only - Period. Use the data collected however you like.

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