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Is it possible to apply threshold to Process CPU based on the usage we analyzed


I want to know is there any feature in Dynatrace that allows to apply threshold settings for CPU consumption for a  Process. 



You can do this on the host level


Take a look on the documentation page


go to host>settings>anomaly detection

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If you are looking to impose an alert criteria on a process that runs on a host and alert on the process consumption outside of the host overall consumption, it can be done via Custom Metric Events: 


go to settings>anomaly detection>Metric Events - and add one in 🙂 


hi Chad, i have setup'd Custom Metric Events, to generate alerts for generic.cpu.totalTime , but i'm observing the alerts are raised for the The Process total CPU time value of 0 µs.

i have applied Static threshold of 14Mins, still the alert are raised for The Process total CPU time value of 0 µs was above your custom threshold of 14 min.

Can you advise, what settings or attributes can be configured to alert only when the CPU time cross the threshold


Can you share a screen shot of the metric event you created? It should look something like this: 




please see the snaps attached

Sorry for the delay, been pretty busy today. The reason why you are being alerted even at the 0 Upsidedow "h"s is because you have selected to be alerted on missing data. I suspect that there is occasionally a delay in the metrics being passed for example its looking for data every 1 min, 8:00 data arrives, 8:01 no data, 8:02 no data - At this point an alert is triggered, 8:03 current data and missing data from 8:01 and 8:02 shows up, giving you the illusion there was no gap in data but there was. 

Turn off the alert on missing data and see if your problems go away. 


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