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Is there a way to add a high level view that shows committed memory vs. consumed/used memory?


We are looking for a way, without having to drill into each host/device to easily view consumed vs. committed memory. In the example I show below the JVM receives a memory commitment but due to standard operating etc. the consumed memory will fluctuate. It's time consuming to jump into each host to see/alert if consumed isn't fluctuating like it should. We had thought adding a view at the high level to see the existing measure - memory % vs. the consumed would be helpful. Anyone else?



Hi Alicia,

You will need to create a custom chart and select the metrics "Process - JVM Memory (Commited)" and "Process - JVM Memory (Used)" and Build the chart. Select the series you want to filter by if you only want to see these metrics for specific processes. When you do this, you can "Pin to your Dashboard" at the top right of your screen (See screenshot below). Please let me know if this works for you.




thanks! So we did this and this is great high level view but notice in the table below you can get reading for max/min/average. Any ideas if you can customize one of the metrics to be current reading?

The aggregation applies to the chart mainly and also to the value below. There is no "Current" or "Last" aggregation. My only other sugestions are to hover on the chart for the last collected value or to use the API to fetch the metrics. See link below

Hope This Helps


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