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Is there a way to check in Dynatrace when.NET Framework App Domain unload/load events occur?


Today, we had a slowdown due to pooled connection resets (min max pool= 50, and all 50 connections were reset)  from .NET framework app (4.8) through a database ( Oracle 19 C RAC) . There is no process restart occured, no event in the event viewer.


edit after investigation: 

We investigated if this could be due to ASP.NET app domain unload/load and actually we found an app restart in the perfmon counter, but Dynatrace does not collect such a metric. It would be nice to have it.


My question is related to the issues described here : 

app domain reload 





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If an aspect is missing that you need you can always try to build a custom plugin to capture that data or request a rfe for it to be added into the product. 


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