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Is there a way to use regexp in the process group detection rules?



I'm trying to setup process group detection rules to separate the instances of several IBM Http Servers.

Here is an example of the Apache configuration path of the process :

And the command line args :
/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/ihs90-ppd/bin/httpd -f /data/IBM/HTTPServer/node-ihs90-ppd-netreveal-01/http01t/conf/httpd.conf -k start -f /data/IBM/HTTPServer/node-ihs90-ppd-netreveal-01/http01t/conf/httpd.conf

What Dynatrace does automatically is group all the processes and instances under the same process group "Apache Web Server http*t" but as the instances do not have the same role, I would like to separate them.

What I would like to have is :

Apache Web Server http01t (node-ihs90-ppd-netreveal-01)
Apache Web Server http01t (node-ihs90-ppd-netreveal-02)

That suppose to be able to extract the "http01t" or at least the "01t" value and the "node-ihs90-ppd-netreveal-01" node from the configuration path or command line, what I could not achieve.

Is there a way to use regular expressions in the boundaries of the above form?





Any idea?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

there are no regex in PG detection, this is on purpose because the pg detection happens rather early and is sensitive, so we decided not to include regex functionality.

1) try from "/http" to /conf with node id "/HTTPServer/" to "/http"

2) use naming rules on top to define nice display names once the group composition is good; you can use regex there.

Did you try this?


Hi Michael,

Sorry, I did not see you answered my question.
I applied your settings, and I'm waiting for the processes to be restarted, which may take a while (processes are not automatically restarted).
I will come back when it's done and tell you if that worked.




Hi Michael,

I tried your solution but it did not work as the rule is not case sensitive, it takes the bold part of the command line as process group and ihs90-prd/bin as node id :

/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/ihs90-prd/bin/httpd -f /data/IBM/HTTPServer/node-ihs90-prd-app-01/http26p/conf/httpd.conf -k start -f /data/IBM/HTTPServer/node-ihs90-prd-app-01/http26p/conf/httpd.conf

I can't see a way to extract http26p as process group and app-01 as node id without using regexp or at least with a case sensitive option.




Hi Gilles,

From what I've understood, your goal is to separate the IHS instances, not group them (your screenshot features a grouping rule).

We've had the exact same situation with IHS instances and we achieved proper separation using environment variables.

More on this in the documentation:

Kind regards,



Hi Darovin,

Thanks for your interest.
I will try to explain more clearly what I would like to achieve.

I have got two hosts A and B on which are running two nodes :
- node-ihs90-prd-netreveal-01 on A
- node-ihs90-prd-netreveal-02 on B

On each node are running 2 Apache HTTP server processes :
- admin00p
- http01p

I would like to get two process groups admin00p and http01p, each one running on the two previous nodes.

admin00p (node-ihs90-prd-netreveal-01)

For now, what I got is this (separated processes, so not a process group...), but this is because of the rules I set :

I will have a look at your link and see if I can remove my rules and use environment varibles instead (we are running on Linux but I guess it works too).

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


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