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Is there any way to capture statistics on pages that are PDF downloads?



We have a series of web pages that simply download PDF's.

I contacted support today to ask why they did not show up under the pages or page groups defined for the website/application.

I was told that 

"pages and page grouping will only appear if the RUM JavaScript agent is present, as those require a user action or page change to be attached to the events. These are just PDF files, so the browser simply loads the file with no HTML provided by the server."


and that "if you wanted to monitor this you would have to wrap the loading of the PDF files in your own HTML to include the RUM JS Agent inside of it,"


Is there any other way to gain basic statistics on these types of pages?

What we are really looking for is "how many times was the page accessed/viewed"


This seems pretty basic. How can it be done in Dynatrace








what you can do is observe the action that directly you to this pdf pages, you can create a key user action to observe better like 

"If i click button A the pdf page will open for me"

You can observe how many people clicked on this button. you can try create an request attribute to know with page was created.



Take a look on these documentation pages


If you got any doubts feel free to ask


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