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JVM thread count


Hello Dynatracers,


This is the familiar thread count graph that Dynatrace shows for Java processes. In this case, it is JVM thread count of Websphere Application Server.


I intend to increase the number of threads for better user concurrency.


From WAS admin console, the webcontainer size is 50. The value of 50 is not close to Dynatrace reported value of 160-170 thread count, hence I'm uncertain that the change in this metric would be right.


I wish to confirm if increase of this webcontainer size would also reflect changes in Dynatrace's JVM thread count. 





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I was never an admin of WAS, but this setting looks valid, but it's not guaranteed it will increase performance.

The number of WebContainer threads is the number of threads actually serving the HTTP requests. If the load is high and all your threads are busy, HTTP requests are staying in the backlog and waiting to be served. If you are sure there are situations when all your WebContainer threads are busy, then increasing this value will allow you to process them. If they are not busy at all, it's likely that it will have a neutral or even a negative effect. 

And to the second question - yes, the webcontainer threads are part of the JVM threads. If you increase the minimum threads, you will see an increase in the JVM threads as well.

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