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Java out of memory - Triggered problem record is not matching the content meaning.


java-out-of-memory-exceptionat14-41to14-42cst.txt Java out of memory - Triggered problem record is not matching the content meaning.

I have Problem for Java out of memory - Please anyone can provide your feedback for the below questions for one of JVM in our env.


Question -1

1. The Problem shows the Memory resources exhausted but when the "the number of Java out-of-memory exceptions is 1 per minute or higher." plz refer the attachment.

- Our support team asking us they have enough space free on old Gen around 3 G free why so the alert is this. actually, there was Used memory was zero on Survivor space for one min with exception triggered.

Question - 2: The Problem with content Memory resources exhausted is not matching with the Java out of memory. problem attached for ref.

Question - 3

This is getting triggered every day once in the day. with the exception - do we need to take seriously however said it is updated development team but if get more info form community will add value to my knowledge base. plz refer attached exception for details.

Thank you



Hi Rajesh,

I am no expert on memory troubleshoot and analysis, but in my opinion, maybe it can be because the memory space is too fragmented?

If you are getting OOM error then it has a higher chances of due to memory space too fragmented. Otherwise, just like you I would think of raising a support ticket.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I would look in the JVM logs for further details about the OOM condition. This is being thrown by the JVM, not Dynatrace. Dynatrace is just reporting it. Perhaps there's additional details in the JVM logs which could clarify which memory resource is being exhausted.

I'm also suspicious that perhaps you have specific memory switches on the java command line for this JVM which is limiting the JVM Runtime from efficiently managing memory allocations to various memory pools. You might consider removing any such directives and seeing if the JVM runs better without specifying memory allocation sizes (other than total allocation).

The important point is to realize that you are having a memory resource issue, and Dynatrace has helped you realize this issue.

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