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Jmeter and Gremlin API monitoring


In Jmeter, there are application and Gremlin APIs created. The application APIs/Services are configured to monitor the golden signals in a dashboard. Now the scenario is - Application APIs will be running post that Gremlin API will run and create attacks for example CPU, Memory, etc in different time frame. Want to know how to capture these events in single dashboard and see the details of application metrics and Gremlin attacks. 


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Vishnuteertha,

While you're waiting for the answer from the other members of the Community, here is the webinar about the Dynatrace integration with Gremlin and Chaos engineering that maybe could help you:
Mastering Chaos Engineering Experiments with Gremlin and Dynatrace 

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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