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Key Requests Limit


What is the current limit or running limit on a production environment for key requests?


Can this limit be increased?

Dynatrace Certified Associate

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Here is document on Key Requests:

The number of key requests is limited:

  • 500 key requests per environment across all services.
  • 100 key requests per service.

When you reach that limit, consider using calculated service metrics, which offer you a more flexible approach.


To increase, talk to your account team.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks for this @Kenny_Gillette. Is there an API call or any way that I can spool out all the key requests for an environment rather than navigating through the services one by one?

Please let me know so that I can review all that has been set in one worksheet rather than individual services

Dynatrace Certified Associate

There is probably APIs but I haven't looked at that.  I do have a dashboard to use by tenant 🙂



Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks, @Kenny_Gillette for the insight. If you can view all the key requests on the dashboard view as you mention. Are you able to share the JSON so that I can see whether it can be useful for my tenant. Will appreciate

Dynatrace Certified Associate

it is in the zip file attached

Dynatrace Certified Professional

@Kenny_Gillette I aso se that you are only capturing top 100. Is it possible to list ALL of the key requests on this dashboard

Dynatrace Certified Associate

I am getting top 500, just forgot to change label.  Thanks for pointing out.


Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks it is just the label. Cheers for this @Kenny_Gillette 

Dynatrace Certified Associate

@Kenny_Gillette one last thing. I have a lot of key requests but this tile on the dashboard does not have the scrolling arrows to navigate through.

Have you set something to prevent this to happen or how do I enable for someone to be able to scroll through the tile as I have seen some tiles capable of having the scrolling arrows

Dynatrace Certified Associate

Don't see at bottom?



Dynatrace Certified Professional

Seen. Was a Browser issue 😅

Dynatrace Certified Associate

Hello Community @Kenny_Gillette is there an api call or a way to remove key requests in bulk rather than one by one.

Please share. Need to remove some that were created but are too many to remove one by one

Dynatrace Certified Associate

You would need to use Settings -> objects api.


When you are in a key request, you can see examples of APIs by clicking on API




then look at examples



you will need some type of code to go through different services unless they are all in one service.  


Hope this helps.


Dynatrace Certified Professional

Thanks @Kenny_Gillette Unfortunately they are under a huge number of different services. A bit of coding might be required.

DT might hopefully look at provide a UI that can list all key requests in an environment and their services and allow selection in bulk to perform delete or update operations. Going through one service and key request one at a time and select it to have to delete is a preety manual and tedious task. DT I believe is always championing for automated approaches to such tasks

Dynatrace Certified Associate

You probably need to do an RFE.  My guess is Dynatrace will suggest to code and use API.

Dynatrace Certified Professional

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