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Limitation on number of Request Attributes in an Environment and allowed number of conditions in a RA?


Hi, please let me know if there is a limitation for following in Dynatrace Managed trial/small environment

  1. Limitation of the number of Request attributes allowed? Is there an overhead if I have more than 100 Request attributes?
  2. Maximum number of Data source conditions that we can apply in a Request attribute? I am planning to have 30+ data source conditions in each request attribute.

Appreciate your help! Thanks, Suresh.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I think it depends on the request attribute type and methods of capture.

Overall I don't think there is a limit right now on the number of request attributes in an environment.

I would recommend:

  • not setting "return all distinct values" unless necessary
  • limiting the scope of request attributes only for process groups where it is necessary (typically by tags, technologies or by other filters)
  • not using request attributes based on code instrumentation (JAVA/NET/...) if the value can be returned by another capture type (URL, HTTP request header, ... )
  • defining proper naming for your request attributes, so you don't get lost within those definitions after some time
  • if there are some general kinds of request attributes (for example capturing Soap Action) that span different processes, keep it Global.
  • it's ok to have multiple conditions, they are evaluated and the first rule matches. Keep that in mind when defining the order. But 30+ conditions seems to be too much. Most likely you can rewrite that in a more efficient way.
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Thanks @Julius L. Similar to Key requests, I have to tag around 30 different web requests with 'Type1' so that I can filter them while charting/doing MDA. Similar to that have to Tag the second set of 30 unique requests as 'Type2'. My understanding is, this is doable in 2 ways. please suggest if there is an efficient way than this

#1 - Define a RA 'Type1' and write 30 data source conditions (condition#1 - contains /abc/test, condition#2 - contains /def/lab, on)

#2 - Create a Tag 'Type1' and create a rule with 30 conditions

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