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Log Viewer Unique entries

Hi There,

Is there a way to capture the 'unique count' of entries from log content out of "Log Viewer" ?

See, I've two entries with the same-content at the same-time. I just want to list only one-line item of this in my chart/custom metric/et al.

i.e. My custom metric 'use-case' is sensitive to duplicate log lines!

Further to Explain:

Per say, It’s a CloudWatch Log Forwarding (via Kinesis stream with a Lambda hitting ActiveGates – i.e. standard pattern) that the app is spitting 2 different lines of text with exact replica including the timestamp to the nanosec. Regardless, the issue is with ‘Advanced Query’ not able/enabled to identify the uniqueness or factoring for uniqueness ‘validation’.


i.e. Having a duplicate entries in the log is a commonality in log streams, regardless of the ingestion mode.
i.e. perhaps, fix this issue at the 'end of the hose' than 'at the pipe'


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@AgniLanka were you able to formulate a solution for this? 


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