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Log monitoring - Change a status to Spammer for the file : dynamic concentration behaviour ?


I got a monitored log not monitored any more at once. Eventually found through Dynatrace UI such a message :


Wow : 2022-03-14 08:58:45 GMT+01:00 Change a status to Spammer for the file: /....../var/log/tomcat/xxx/xxx-daily.log. Current size is: 566298033


Turns out it is likely a feature : What might prevent logs to appear on the server ?  : Fast growing files are skipped : In a scenario where a log file grows very quickly (at a pace over 10 MB/s), it's content might be skipped. The agent will continue to send the log file as long as both, the network and the server, can handle such load. Note that 10 MB/s with typical compression is approximately 10 Mbps of upload traffic.


Questions :

- any one faced this ? 

- how to reactivate the monitoring of this logs ?

- any way to do this API wise ? 

- what is the behaviour : I got the logs re-monitored a few days latter without (AFAIK) any one having reactivated explicitely or manually the monitoring of this log. Would there be an exclusion timeout ?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

very interesting thanks @gilles_tabary for sharing this. Did you happen to open a support ticket on this? if so what was the official reason for the reset timeframe. Also did they offer a workaround on the limit?


Yes I had a ticket for this.

I did not get things clarified.

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