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Log processing rule : frequency update ?



This question might be simple, but I want to ensure I have found the correct answer.

I created a processing rule in Dynatrace's log processing rules to "filter out" records if the attribute "messageStatusCode" contains "Unknown status code."



However, when I go to "logs and events," I still see logs with "Unknown status code," indicating that the rule hasn't been applied immediately.



The next day, I notice that the rule is finally applied: I no longer see "Unknown status code." If I remove my rule, the same situation occurs: I don't see "Unknown status code" (and that's ok because it's after the filter out rule), and I see them again the next day. (It's what I wanted but there is this delay...)


Why this delay ? Why do we have to wait the next day for rules to be applied ?

I understand that processing rules act like data enrichers or a "mask" hiding data.

Is there some sort of daily update frequency at midnight for log processing rules? How does it work?

Thank you for your help!


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