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Maintenance window for 6 days a week


Hi all,


I have a requirement to create a maintenance window from 12:00AM - 06:00AM Sunday-Friday except Saturday (6 days a week).

Is there a  way to do this in one single maintenance window or do I have to create 6 MWs for each day ? I didn't find weekly or monthly useful as weekly has only one day to select. There is no list of all days in the week and allowing you to check mark the days needed and monthly is only for the specified day of the month.

the only option I can see if to create recurring MW for each day except Saturday by choosing weekly. Suggest if there is an easy way to do with single MW. In fact Dynatrace should allow to choose a time window and give list of weekly days to check mark the days on which it should work .. Most of the tools work this way.

Please advise.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think it cannot be done in 1 maintenance window.

This product idea is going to helpful to those use cases.

Best regards

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It's not possible at the moment. Dynatrace maintenance window scheduling options don't support selecting multiple days within a single weekly window, you would indeed need to create multiple maintenance windows (MWs) to meet your requirement. As you mentioned, Dynatrace allows for recurring maintenance windows based on a weekly schedule, but if it only permits selecting one day per week, then you would have to set up six separate MWs for Sunday through Friday, each recurring weekly.


Have a nice day!

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