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Management Zones: Tenants to Management Zones and back



Has anyone been considering practicalities of administration of multiple tenants vs. single tenant with multiple zones?

How much work is envisaged to be needed to transfer an environment between tenants, if it becomes more useful to have the environments in a single tenant and use multiple management zones? Or the other way around - split environments to multiple tenants?

How would you deal with an existing multi-tenant set to pull it into a single tenant with multiple zones?

Am I right to assume that the most involved change will be that every OneAgent instance needs to be reconfigured to point to the new tenant URI and would this assume uninstall and reinstall of the agent?

Any 'white papers' on this topic planned/existing?

The reason for this question is - the introduction of the "Management Zone" concept changes the planning process for implementation of Dynatrace SaaS and would need to provide some sort of Implementation Guide to architects/admins designing and implementing DT SaaS.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Srdjan, thanks for your question.

Generally, if there are no shared services between environments, we would always recommend going with separate tenants. This makes configuration of access rights and privileges more obvious and it also guarantees full data separation.

If you already have a multi tenant setup, I would only pull it into a single tenant, if there is a strong reason - for example major shared services. The major effort then would be re-configuring the agents, and potentially adjusting the configuration in Dynatrace.

We are planning to give some more guidance on that, also as it relates to host groups, but that will still take a while for us to complete.

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

This one is interesting to me as I have had the same question. I am extremely new to Dynatrace so still learning allot about how it all functions. If tenants are separated, it is my understanding that they do not share information with each other. Is that correct? I ask because in this day and age it is near impossible to not have shared services. How would Dynatrace determine root cause if you have multiple tenants and information is not shared between them. Also, having multiple tenants in an Operations area sounds like that could become a nightmare vs creating a primary dashboard for Operations based on Management Zones. Am I way off in my thinking here? 🙂 Thanks!



Hi @Guido D.. This question came back now that we are facing consolidation/merging of two tenants into a single tenant for one of our customers. So I am looking for advice/guidance in moving all the customer configuration (mostly dashboards) from a source tenant to a destination tenant.

Is there a Dynatrace SaaS tool taht could make this simpler, although I have a feeling that due to all tne internal IDs that are used within configuration this is not possible and will be a manual process for us.

Any thoughts, links to how-to practice? If not we will possibly have to write and publish our own experience as we go 🙂

Considering it will be one-off we are not expecting to automate the solution, however we are expecting to use heavily the configuration API to document existing state.

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