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Metric Events Maintenance window



I have created some Metric Events and i was wondering if there is a way to only open problem or alert during some specific days ?

I tried to use maintenance Window but i couldn't find a way.

i don't want to apply the maintenance window to the whole entity but only on that specific event.

Example : I have a custom event that is based on a metric selector and should alert if error count reach 1% of the requests on a service X.

I want this alert to only be raised during the day but disabled at night and at the same time keep the other alerts during the night on that specific service.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Dynatrace doesn't natively support the kind of time-based alert filtering you're describing directly in the event configuration.  Please consider using the Dynatrace API to programmatically enable/disable alerts or maintenance windows based on time or other conditions. This way, you can automate the process of switching between different alerting profiles or toggling specific alerts on and off. 

I don't know if this will help, but for now it comes to mind.


Have a nice day!

@radek_jasinski i was hoping it won't come to that, it's gonna be really complicated for me to do all that because i'll have to collaborate with other teams that handle the administration of the Dynatrace server on which we can run the enable/disable script.

plus i'm not a programmer so i'll have to use chat gpt or something.

anyway, thanks for the answer

Maybe someone else will come up with another idea.
I'll think about it some more tonight and if anything I'll let you know.

Have a nice day!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


A possible workarround would be:

  1. Create a management only for those metrics.
  2. Configure those metric events to before management zone.
  3. Create maintenace windows to that management zone.

I do not see a shorter way to do it. Benefic is avoiding Dynatrace API + programmings skills.

Best regards

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@AntonPineiro does the Management zone need to include the entities also ?
because i have created a MZ with only the Metric events but it wasn't detecting anything

so i had to delete it but then again if a created the MZ with all the concerned entities + the Metric events and apply a Maintenance Window to it, it will silence all the entities as well 


I was thinking without entities.

Best regards

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