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Metrics from Salesforce not collected by current extension


What would be the best way to pull task manager browser metrics? We are getting complaints of slowness from clients using the Salesforce Saas offering and would like to see if this is due to some sort of resource limits of the browser. Is there a best way to get task manager metrics sent to Dynatrace?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

I understand that you're looking to obtain resource usage metrics for your Salesforce webpage from Performance Monitor Tool, such as:

  • CPU usage: The percentage of CPU used by the web page. Shown by default.
  • JS heap size: The amount of memory used by the JavaScript program on the page. Shown by default.
  • DOM Nodes: The number of DOM nodes in the browser (across tabs). Shown by default.

My recommendations are:

  • Submit this as an idea to the Dynatrace Ideas portal: Dynatrace Product Ideas. I'm not sure if it's currently possible to extract these metrics directly with the actual integration.
  • Consult with your Salesforce support to see if it is possible to capture these resource usage metrics. If Salesforce cannot provide these data, cannot be sent to Dynatrace.
  • You could request the performance report from users requesting print or screen of the Performance Monitor tool from Chrome or Edge to validate resource usage.
  • This JavaScript code might help to gather metrics. If Salesforce can send the results of this getPerformanceMetrics function to Dynatrace, or if you can manage to send this data as metrics via API to Dynatrace, it could serve your purpose. However, as mentioned, it is best to create an idea with Dynatrace and first check with Salesforce if they have any integration indicators that can help collect these metrics.


function getPerformanceMetrics() {
    const metrics = {
        cpuUsage: window.performance.memory.jsHeapSizeLimit, // Use a placeholder as there's no direct API for CPU usage
        jsHeapSize: window.performance.memory.usedJSHeapSize,
        domNodes: document.getElementsByTagName('*').length,
    return metrics;




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

hi @rseibert1 

I hope my answer was helpful.

Thanks for the possible solution, I think we will end up building an extension that can pull memory and cpu metrics of the browser (sorry if this requirement was not clear, think I misunderstood original requirement). The team members are logging into salesforce from browsers on their Citrix desktops.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


There are two Salesforce extensions in the Dynatrace Hub that might help:

Please beware you have to have additional add-ons from Salesforce for these to work...

Antonio Sousa

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