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Mobile application monitoring


Customer requirement:

This requirement is to monitor mobile applications in Dynatrace (one agent). Customer says "Once My app(employee
directory)is loaded on mobile device, I have to provide the user id
and password then only we can navigate to next action/screen"

Below are the queries from customer

  • How
    oneagent will capture the userid and password? Because password will be
    hidden like ********

  • We
    want to know whether oneagent can login into mobile app and navigate to next
    page. (right now we are doing manually this activities

Could you please let us know if the above two requirements are possible with Dynatrace oneagent?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Actually mobile apps are not monitored by synthetic monitor, so there is no possibility to automatically sign in to mobile app. It only works with web applications.

OneAgent on mobile app is for user action monitoring. You will see screen loads and webrequests recordeed by agents. Crashes as well. You can also use dynatrace API to tag visits by user name (you will have add proper dynatrace tag to mobile app code). Then on Dynatrace users sessions you will see visits tagged by user name / id. You can also create custom user user actions using (with help of DT API). Than you can measure custom actions executed in mobile app like for example some background processing. There is no option to catch things like login and password without manual instrumentation on code side.



Regards, Sebastian

Thank you so much Sebastian. I got exact answer to my question.

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