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Monaco documentation and examples


Hi Dynatrace Community,

I am reaching out to seek assistance with integrating Monaco with our Dynatrace environments. We currently have several on-premises Dynatrace environments and are looking to create new Dynatrace environments on the SaaS platform. Our main goals are as follows:

1. Full Management of Dynatrace Environments on SaaS with Monaco:
  We aim to utilize Monaco to manage all aspects of our Dynatrace environments on the SaaS platform. This includes configuration management, deployment, and provisioning.

2. Migration of Configurations from On-Premises Environments:
  We would like to leverage Monaco to download and extract configurations from our existing on-premises Dynatrace environments. The goal is to use Monaco's capabilities to provision and deploy these configurations in the new SaaS environments.

In our research, we have explored the following documentation pages:

However, we would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with additional resources, documentations, support tickets, or examples from GitHub that can help us achieve our goals effectively.

Thank you for your time
Best regards,





Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Khoros,

Regarding migration there is Upgrade from Managed to SaaS deployment | Dynatrace Docs and under that there is a specific section about using monaco to migrate the configuration Migrate configuration | Dynatrace Docs

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