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Monaco to download many environments


Hi all
With Monaco 1.x we were downloading many environments with a single command-line.
Now, with Monaco 2.0, I can see the "-e" flag is mandatory in the command-line, thus we can download only a single environment at a time. I have to repeat the command for each environment in the manifest file.
Do you have a solution to download many environments at a time ?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You can create a environments.yaml with your all your environments:


 - name: "env1"
 - env-url: "https://{environmentid}"
 - env-token-name: "ENV1_API_TOKEN"
 - name: "env2"
 - env-url: "https://{environmentid}"
 - env-token-name: "ENV2_API_TOKEN"


Then, you can download configuration using "monaco download -e environments.yaml".

Or only some specific environment using "monaco download -e environments.yaml -s env1".

You have more details/combinations here.

Best regards

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I don't agree. This syntax applies only for Monaco 1.x but not Monaco 2.x.

I need the same for Monaco 2.x

It seems not possible according to docs

You have to write script which executes download against each env in manifest file separately.

Alanata a.s.

Hi @Franck,

I have just re-read it and @rastislav_danis is right.

I understand now you want to make a bulk download for all environments configured. That is not possible using a single command using Monaco v2.

I normally make a loop for all environments in a shell script or powershell executing "monaco download --environment "env1" --output-folder "env1"...

Best regards

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