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Monitoring DB2 Database


I have a customer that is running IBM's DB2 for their relational database engine. He pointed out that Appmon had a DB2 extension and when he asked about OneAgent I had to say no...I think?

Are there any plans to add DB2 onto the "Insights" roadmap like the recent Oracle Insights Early Adopter announcement? Does anyone have or know of a community extension?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

My understanding is that DB2 is "on the radar" but that no dates for it have been stated.

Community Team
Community Team

Monitoring of IBM DB2 is now available through ActiveGate extension:

IBM DB2 monitoring

[24.11.2022 Edit] The new DB2 extension is currently under development and planned to be released at the beginning of 2023 as stated in this product idea:
DB2 Custom Extension Grouping

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at


graphs does not look from dynatrace, the color theme and size mismatches with the native look for Dynatrace , plus it should show informations like last backup time and HARD status/metrics, we have found that HARD causes a big performance hit if its configured as NEARSYNC and they become out of sync due to the Fail over resource issue

Hi Serak,

Out of the ones you mentioned, at least last backup time is available:

"Time Since Last Backup
Time in seconds since the last backup."
It looks like no one has bothered to update the documentation in a while, the list of metrics behind the DB2 monitoring page do not contain everything that's really monitored. Another one I noticed right away that is not documented:
"Log Size
Amount of used and available log."
It would probably be in Dynatrace's best interest to keep the docs updated, because people will decide based on the list of metrics whether it's worth buying licenses for these extensions 🙂

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