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Monitoring Oracle Database as a process on AIX

Good morning everyone,

I'm looking for details about the way the Oneagent for AIX is monitoring istances of Oracle Db as processes.

When I install Oneagent many Oracle DB processes are discovered as in the image below:

On the HOST-A where Oneagent was installed I do have one istance of an Oracle DB (dw2); but the same agent is discovering another Oracle DB istance (dw1) that I know it isn't on HOST-A.

As a matter of fact when I ps on the system this is the result:

[HOST-A@oracle /home/oracle]>ps -ef |grep pmon

oracle 12845310 1 0 00:59:56 - 0:02 ora_pmon_dw2

But oneagent is reading the presence of dw1:

(that I know is on another host [HOST-B]) as command ps shows:

[HOST-B@oracle /home/oracle]>ps -ef |grep pmon

oracle 29425886 1 0 Oct 01 - 0:13 ora_pmon_dw1

My question are:

-how oneagent is monitoring this Oracle Database istances?

-what command does it use for monitoring these processes?

-as in my case: can it be wrong to see a particular process that is not present on my Host?

Thank you for your time


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Databases are monitored transactionally only from application endpoint (ADO.NET, JDBC etc). Installing agent on Oracle host will give you only metrics related to host and process performance (without oracle specific metrics).

Here you have info about ActiveGate plugins that is responsible for collecting technology specific metrics related to oracle:


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you Sebastian,

in my case I installed the agent on the Oracle Host but I'm wondering how it collect data for Oracle processes since in my case it doesn't seem to do the job properly.

As an example I posted the fact that the agent is descovering a DB process named dw1 on the HOST-A but if I do ps -ef |grep pmon I'm only "grepping" ora_pmon_dw2.

So I need more insight to understand how oneagent is taking this data (See my questions above)

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