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Monitoring VMWARE hosts without a OneAgent and ESXi monitoring


I have a few questions related to VMWare monitoring that I
cannot find answers to in the documentation. Assuming that we integrate
Dynatrace Managed with vCenter but don’t have OneAgents on any of the VM hosts,
can somebody clarify:

Would problems ever be generated for specific VMs or only
for the ESXi hosts? Although I can see some metrics for the VMs that run under
a ESXi hosts, it looks like the Anomaly Detection settings would only relate to
the ESXi hosts and not to specific VMs running in the ESXi host. I presume that
get any problem detection and alerting for the VMs we would need to deploy a
OneAgent. Is that correct?

How does vCenter and/or ESXi hosts appear in the SmartScape? Although
I can click on the smartscape from the page where ESXi host data is shown, the
SmartScape that is shown doesn’t appear to show the ESXi host… a large number
of host, service, pg icons show but I don’t think they relate to the ESXi host
I clicked on.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


this is what you will see after integration:

You will get only problems on ESXi Hosts, if you want to have alerting on VM's you have to install oneagent on them (at least in infra mode if you want to reduce amount of license consumed).


Regards, Sebastian


Thanks for the reply and for confirming that we would, indeed, need agents to have any problem detection on the invividual VMs... the only point thing that remains unclear is what the SmartScape is showing...

I think you will see ESXhost and that's all.

Regards, Sebastian

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