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Monitoring Windows Service by Display name

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi All

Currently in Dynatrace we can monitor windows services, however it only captures the name of the process and the Service name. But it does not capture the Display Name. In some of the environments we have seen large number of services where the process name is same but Display names are different.

If Dynatrace can capture the display name as well it will be easier to know which particular service is failing or having problems.





So how do you configure this?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

To get the name we would have to do some system calls and read the registry which is all rather expensive and it has to happen during process startup. In short we might not do this.

However we can help you here, you can define environment variables for a windows service in the registry


Create a key called
“Environment” that is type REG_MULTISZ.

The value of the Environment
key the contains entries like the below

With this you can leverage these features

* Process grouping based on environment variables

* Tag your Windows services based on environment variable content

* Define extra meta data based on environment variables

* you can use the tags and extra meta data in process group naming rules or service naming rules

I hope this helps, together with regedit files you can easily automate this.

Can this configuration allow me to display the Print Spooler windows utility as a dedicated process group? The tag appears for the whole Service Windows and I can't see the Print spooler as a specific process group.


Can you tell me, how can you configure this Print Spooler service in dynatrace. I am unable to monitor this service. one of our client wants this. Can you please respond as soon as possible.

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